Sunday, April 4, 2010

WHAT IS 2010?

This is the year where nothing is held back, regrets do not even have a sliding door because they do not exist. Say whatever comes to mind, do whatever you like, live free. Sounds like Paradise or maybe Pandora's box. 2010 has become the year of accessibility, where anything is possible, a place where relationships are continued. When without aim, OooVoo, Skype formspring, facebook, myspace you would just be wondering what happened to that person. 2010 is the year of reconnecting and salvishing feelings you would of put away or never thought of, is this good is this bad? Do we really need to know what someone did today, what will they do tomorrow? Is this really important to consume our lives with a lifeless conversation when our mind is idle. The options we have are endless but our conversations are sometimes meaningless. Associates fill up our phones and inner circles become smaller. Relationships are what can you do for me, how do I get rid of you, what can you bring to the table? Everyone is so accessible that they are disposable, relationships have become meaningless because years of being together has becomes a few weeks or months but that's about it. People run through relationships like Usain Bolt crossing the finish line wining 1st place in the 200m. So if I won't see you tomorrow or any other day why won't I keep this 100 and lay out my whole life story. Lie out my life story, drink with you, get high with you and accidently multiply with you! I didn’t mean too I mean it was a one in a lifetime chance to be with you and now we are bonded together because we rushed, we thought we didn’t have enough time. And now we have an eternal bond with no ring, or paper. So I ask what is 2010 I cycle of I don't care what happens I'm only doing this today and tomorrow I won't see you ever again (I hope!) Happy Easter!!! © Precious Dorch-Robinson

The Phoenix

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