Thursday, April 8, 2010


What happens when you are destined to be great but you lose sight of your map and your road has turned into a jungle? what happens then? What happens when negativity is what is around you and your dreams tell you everyday your wasting time? What happens then? When your mind knows you have to change but change seems to get further away from you everyday? What happens then? When you don't want to give up yet you find yourself is not taking the intaiative. What happens when you keep feeling like your missing something and your settling? What happens when you can't distinguish playtime from work? What happens when?
Your dreams are all you have left act them out and become more than a dreamer.
Become more, grow be who you truly are even though you are not like those around
Find yourself again do not lose your power

The Phoenix

AKA © Precious Dorch-Robinson

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