Friday, April 16, 2010


Whenever a woman gets dressed up wearing something revealing everyone questions her "Who are you getting dressed up for". Why does it have to be that she is dressed up for someone, why can't she be dressed up for herself because she like the way the clothes enhances her best attributes. If she knows she looks good then she will feel go and maybe have a productive day but the clothes do not tell people how she thinks or who she is. People tell people how to think or people tell people to judge a person by what they wear. Society will always be judgemental, it's a way of life you can't help it, I understand that yet a girl is not a hoe based on what material she puts on her body. Women can look sexy and should be able to wear whatever they want without being labeled but it's not reality. So when a woman wants to look sexy just because she is proud of her body there will always be prowlers thinking they know you for the material she puts on that day. Clothes do not make people act a certain way people do.

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