Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Its the end of the semester and my last final is friday, I've realized alot of things. Second semester was not like a period of growth but a period of assurance and revealations of who I will become and what paths I choose. Everything that my parents have taught me since birth is true, they are wise and I thank them for raising me with care and instealing me with wisdom. When you are trying to grow and move to another level, no one does it the same, no one enters the same level at the same time. Some people are in your life to show you that you can achieve greatness while others are since to block you from goals. People's personalities can be wrapped up and misery and they can not be helped, so you let them go through their routine. It will take all your energy to steer a lost soul to the light when they are insulting you every step of the way. Growing can not happen if you are with people who did not comprehend the definition of growth and if growth is not in their world that will not understand your actions. The only thing they will do is suck you into their world, their job is now to convert you because it's fun to them, you're like their new experiment. But you know deep inside you are destined for growth but their path collides with yours and it's a struggle of opposites. This is when you must leave this person because you guys are on different pages and it may take years for them to see the world the way you see. Their are different friends for different moods and you can't force a mood on someone. IF YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE YOU WILL NEVER STEAR AWAY FROM YOUR ORIGINAL PATH AND EVEN IF YOU DO YOU'LL STILL COME BACK. I'M THROUGH MY LITTLE DISCOURSE WAS FULL OF LIFE LESSONS AND I ALWAYS KNEW MY PATH I JUST WANTED TO KNOW WHAT IF I DIDN'T KNOW, WHAT A SCARY THOUGHT...THE UNKNOWN!!

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