Monday, September 15, 2014

Returning To D.C.

Hello Everyone,

As you guys may know, I'm a Florida A&M University alumna. Upon graduation, I've applied to full-time jobs, paid internships and fellowships. I enjoyed living in D.C. last summer and I can finally say I will be returning to the city this year. I have just accepted the communications internship with The ONE Campaign. I wasn't expecting this organization to pick me because I was a little discouraged about other internships/jobs turning me down. I'm really excited to intern for The ONE Campaign and I look forward to helping this world become a better place through education and awareness.

I'm hoping to grow as a person and to make lifelong connections. The hardest trial in life, especially in the age of technology is to be present. I vow to be present and open myself to all opportunities even the ones I feel I may not be ready to receive. The world does not wait to give you opportunities when you are ready. No one is ever truly ready, but they become comfortable and they understand the challenge. With understanding a challenge you must be able to find courage and be brave to accept a challenge. I encourage everyone today to take a leap of faith and apply positive energy and beliefs to actions that you would normally stray from because that represents growth. You have to push yourself in a direction that you have never been.

As the rapper/singer Drake says, "When's the last time you did something for the first time?"

*Also if anyone knows of places in D.C. for rent near McPherson Square, let me know.*

The "Back to D.C. Living" Phoenix

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