Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ezcema in Kissimmee

Moving back home has been bitter, sweet. It's great to be home with my family, but it doesn't seem to be good for my health. Every time I come back to Kissimmee my allergies flare up. Instead of having healthy skin that's smooth, clear and with a hint of a glow, it's dry, patchy and flaky. Most importantly, it's extremely annoying. The swelling of my skin fluctuates instantly, from minutes to hours in changing from moisturized to dry. With instant changes you would think if would be easy to find the triggers, but it's actually harder. 

One day I'll eat a salad from the mall with spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, beets and it will leave my skin clear and moisturized. The next week that same salad can trigger after effects of morning dryness. It's a daily battle of what can I eat.


Lately, I have been drinking tea, which usually helps with getting rid of toxins. A detox for me is long overdue. Green tea by Yogi always clears my skin, but I used the last tea bag. When detoxing the liver is a vital organ that helps remove waste. I knew my liver was probably overworked and it was not functioning properly. I starting drinking a liver detox tea by Lifestyle Awareness and Everyday Detox.

I mixed both teas together and the results are fascinating. My skin began to change and cleared up in about an hour. I took a shower and my skin was moisturized, no longer patchy or flaky. Even though the tea produces astonishing result by classing the liver, i still need a heavier detox. My body is still backed up with toxins because it fluctuates between clear and dry. 

I've decided to eat mostly vegetables I cook from home. I will monitor the results and post the results, If you guys have any suggestions on green foods, which help with detoxing and eczema, please comment.   

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