Thursday, September 11, 2014

Osceola's 9/11

The red, white and blue flags covered the grassy areas and cars were bumper to bumper. The parking lot of  Orlando, Florida's Valencia Community College was filled. Students and residents took pictures and recorded the third annual  9/11 Remembrance Ceremony on the Osceola Campus.


At least nine tents with a total of 400 people filled the courtyard. Everyone was in unison and respectful for the lives lost on this tragic day in New York City. Thirteen years ago the world watched a horrific tragedy unfold on live television. About 3,000 flags represent of lives lost and broken hearts that were affected by this attack.

As people mourned and paid their respects, the sky open up and drizzled rain. Then it began to pour as reporters ran under tents to save equipment. Heavy rain didn't seem to faze the enthralled crowd who stood in solidarity to pay homage. The solidarity mimicked the painting displayed of the Twin Towers, which said L is not for loss, L is for legacy. The marines stood tall as the rain poured and the reef withstood the windy rain.

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