Friday, January 21, 2011


Everyone is place on this earth; born into this life to live and to breathe. Yet, not a lot of people are living let alone breathing. People just keep searching for life but some usually just end up with a quick thrill. Today at my university
Florida A&M, Martin Luther King Jr. III came to speak. No one knew what he would talk about, they just knew it would be uplifting and positive. I wonder if they thought of a quick thrill to just say "Oh my goodness I met his son." While he was speaking I was looking for a message, for subjects I never thought about. I wanted to have an open mind about living and realizing you calling. I wanted him to talk about dreams and how you must keep striving. He talked about love and how this world is full of inconsistencies; He's right!
Dr. King's dream was to eliminate the disparities of race, poverty and militarism in the world. He son said that with all that Dr. King has accomplished we must keep going and that his dream is not finished. Yes, we may come together on Dr. King's birthday but why not come together all the time. King III said: "The nation is consistently inconsistent. We preach peace but practice war." Republicans are planing on killing the reform healthcare bill but they are the ones with the best healthcare, King says. This is suppose to be a nation for the people but they are killing the people by diminishing their means for good health. The inconsistency is America says one thing but does another. According to the Washington Post, Speaker John Boehner next act is "a ban on taxpayer funding of abortions across all federal programs." Boehner proclaimed. "It's one of our highest legislative priorities." But to who is this the highest priority?; I thought we were in uproar about the job market.

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