Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Boredom+Youtube+ Thinking About Fashion= This :)

So, this is my fifth day on Christmas break; I'm already bored. So as I said in my previous blog about upgrading my winter collection, I want to change my image. I'm young and I would to explore different images since I have mastered my hair. Searching on youtube, I came up with trying makeup. I just recently started wearing eyeshadow last year but I never felt like it was making a difference to my look. My eyeshadow felt very subtle or it just stayed on my eyelids; it didn't blend. Eyeliner and mascara didn't really make a difference in my eyes when I put it on; so I gave up on it. While watching these youube videos, I thought maybe I should try mascara again. At first the look was very dramatic and I was looking for an everyday look, not so fancy. Here are the end results!

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