Monday, November 1, 2010


Well, what can I say except it has been a great week maybe the greatest week here thus far. Homecoming events for me started on Monday night at the new gym when Chrisette Michelle came out singing "Fragile". That was the only song I knew by her because I am not a true fan but she is a great performer especially with her emotions. I love how she said "I love you FAMU" as though she met each one of us before. I honestly was not expecting her to come out, it was truly a surprise to me because I was expecting it to be a joke. The host screamed "Chrisette Michelle" and I was pondering. Is this going to be a look-a-like or someone who sounds like her? I'm thinking this is a talent show so maybe the host calls out every talent like they are a famous musician. But there she was in the flesh singing her heart out on stage and begging for crowd participation. The crowd seemed a little bit uninterested which did not bother her true fans lip singing and screaming out of key. I could feel their love for her and I opened up my heart to her to see what did they love? She seems really down-to-earth and so had alot of energy with a great combination for an artist. Sadly, I had to leave the Comedy/Talent show early but according to my room mates and friends I did not miss anything because the comedian was a bored with sexual innuendos. Even though last year there were sexual innuendos I could actually laugh at them and that was not the comedian's main joke. But I am guessing that was the subject of every comedian's joke this year. It is a shame how sex has become the headline to get people's attention. So leaving out of that gym upset that I had to miss this event because a crucial meeting that aids my craft, I am elated to hear Chrisette was the best performance that night. Unfortunately my meeting was canceled last night so I could have stayed and participate in the crowd doing the wave on less than mediocre performers. Yes, I will admit Florida A&M is tuff crowd but our peer are always the hardest to please but I applaud those students who participated.
The next day tuesday I had a study session for my journalism class which was so unfocused and unorganized. Yea that was disappointing at 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. I sat at a round table with six class mates to talk about adverbs, adjectives and subject-verb agreement. Oh the joy, I know that is not the way I should feel about my major but sometimes it is so tedious, I get frustrated with the rules and trying to remember them. But in between studying we discussed the comedian, Kevin Hart who has a new dvd named "Seriously Funny". We looked at YouTube videos by Hotdamnirock who is hilarious, he just talks about the funny side of life in a real way. He is not corny at all, some of the subjects he talks about are things everyone has witness in their life so it does not matter who you are you can still relate. But with all the laughter there was less studying so we need someone out of the group that will get us on track.
The following day Wednesday I had a Geography Test and my last test was suppose to be Friday morning but it was changed on wednesday afternoon to thursday afternoon. Changing the test date was bitter sweet becuase I would be able to sleep in but then again that means I have to really study now. After that last test I was drained it was wednesday and raining which did not seem like Homecoming to me so I went home. I had time to take a nap before my five-thirty class but I was so drained I could not even sleep. So after I feel asleep in my five-thirty class I was ready to go home. Three test in a row I was stressed and and tired, asking the week to just end. On friday I intended to sleeo and study but I ended up getting my nails done which got messed up but saturday trying to wash my hair. Yes I was upset fifteen dollars down the drain. So, friday was a fun day and it reduced the stress of this week.

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