Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My emotions are always sporadic when incidents like this appear ever few months but my eyes always have the same emotion of sadness. My heart aches; how do you send your son to college out of state and receive him in a body bag? It's harsh reality of police brutality and what makes it worst is that it is so ubiquitous with black males. Black males are so rare, so strong, so distinct but they are taken from this earth daily and I shed tears every time because I know that's one less father, one less son, one less brother, one less nephew or uncle erased too soon. These incidents can easily cause trepidation or mutiny in a young black male's eyes whenever he sees "the boys in blue" because he may think of what his parents or mother has told him, to obey the law, stay out of trouble or cooperate with the officer. It is a shame to walk out your house and feel unprotected towards police because sometimes their judgment cannot be trusted. They are supposed to protect civilians but instead too many times we are mistaken for a criminal. This mistaken identity always causes the innocent to die; the ones that were trying to stay away from the situation. RIP Danroy Henry a 20-year-old football player from Pace University. I know you were innocent, I know you probably had that look I your eyes that I must obey the office and follow instructions. I know my condolences cannot bring this young man's life back along with Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, Timothy Stansbury Sean Bell and Ayana Jones. Also condolences to the lives lost in similar situations but their story did not make it to the paper but it was left at the crime scene. I wish guns didn't hurt and words can heal but that is not the way the world works. Police departments really need to sit down with their officers and have a psychiatrists on call because I know they endure a lot on a daily basis and they are all on edge. The only way to reduce the police brutality incidents is to make sure officers have a time where they can release their problems because this is an oppressive situation. Officers adrenaline are pumping at the scene but that adrenaline takes the life of innocent people and I can't cry anymore for this because crying doesn't help only making a difference does.
The "Emotional" Phoenix
If you would like to know more about the fatal shooting of Danroy Henry please follow the link and pass this message to others.

The "Emotional" Phoenix

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  1. Wow your deff right about this caus ifeel the same way you do! But isn't crazy how we never read white males being gunned down for no reason yes iunderstand the "boys in blue" undergo alotof stress but if they can be selective about to which ppl they can kill pointlessly then it can't be too much stress now can it? I don't remeber the last time iheard about a woman in blue gunning down anyone either so everytime ihear about something like this it makes wonder why the ppl that are sworn to protect us all only protect a certain group of ppl? Didn't our forefathers fight&die for us to be protected also?