Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Webseries Are Better Than TV

YouTube has become another way to send a message to a wide variety of audiences. If you don't have the funds for TV or if your project doesn't meet the Federal Communications Commissions rules and you want the freedom of expression then YouTube is the best avenue. Webseries can tackle issues and shed light on issues that TV cannot fully tackle due to restricts or by being bias. TV produces and TV stations have yet to have a show that depicts minorities the way they see themselves instead of how the world sees them. This is what I enjoy must about web series they are relatable than most TV shows that depict minorities and they tackle the real  issues that minorities have with society. Webseries show the other side and give minorities a chance to control their own image, they are the other side to the story. The top web series that you should check out if you are not glued to your computer or social media are

Issa Rae's Awkward Black Girl

There maybe a black woman who was called an awkward black girl and maybe it's because she was witty, funny, sarcastic and she didn't follow the rules or you tried to defy the stereotypes. Then meet Jay and her sidekick/bestfriend CeCe.  Jay brings up those awkward moments you laugh about with close friends.

Black and Sexy TV's RoomieLoverFriends

RoomieLoverFriends is produced by actress and writer Issa Rae. The web series follows Tomiko and Jay who are roommates and things change when a night of passion gets the best of them. What happens when you sleep with your roommate?

2KLifeTV's Close Friends

Six friends who have known each other since college are trying to live life and find love. But how close are friends with love triangles, cheating and back stabbing. This series is as addicting as the General Hospital, soap opera. Watch out for who you think are your friends.

The "Webseries are changing" Phoenix

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