Sunday, December 11, 2011

Poem : Infinite Love

I lie across his body. 
Safely in his arms 
Listening to rhythm of his breath
And sound of his heart beat
It is like music
As soothing as a mother's lullaby to a new born.
We connect deeper than words 
spoken off the lips of native in foreign lands
Our kisses are massages in erotic places
We made love faces
With light touches
Embraces are relievers as we careful pick negative energy off each others bodies.
Combined and attracted by the soul.
We knew each other in the past
So we have past goals and they continue to elevate.
As we grow deeper and celebrate our love
We are finder's keepers.
I find you.
You keep me.
I keep what you find.
A golden treasure in our love is what our kids will find.
  Pass it down to generations so they will never be blind.    
Love is not blind only the "out of love" can't see.
But even the blind read braille so they can read
So the out of love see so they can feel love
And pass it on to their children
Love  is the power of healing 

©Precious Dorch-Robinson

The "I'm Still A Poet " Phoenix

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