Saturday, December 17, 2011

Natural Hair Straight!

It has been six years since I had a perm. My first year of being natural, I would press my hair.  But after I moved to Florida the humidity would create a lot of frizz in my hair. I started doing braid outs and twists out my freshmen and sophomore year of  college. The first semester of my junior year, my hair was only in twists. Yesterday I decided to straighten my hair to see the growth because I was on the six month growth challenge. I only completely four months and I missed touching my hair. So, I did twist outs for three weeks.

My hair turned out great, my edges are really straight and I'm close to my hair goal. Maybe five inches away but I'm really happy. This is the longest my hair has grown. I have no idea what to do with it. It's getting frizzy fast because it's been a year since I straighten it. My hair has no chemicals, no weaves and the only color was from back in 2009. I will try to do a YouTube video on my hair care regiment. It is best to leave the hair only with low maintenance for at least a few months. Within these months moisturizing is key. Happy Holidays and for my college students rest well.


The "Six Years Natural" Phoenix 

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