Friday, November 11, 2011

XXL Behind the Scenes: Wale Lotus Flower Bomb

Wale's album Ambition features the smooth ladies track, "Lotus Flower Bomb" with Miguel. Angie Ange radio personality and producer Pharoh Martin of WKYS 93.9, gets behind the scenes of Lotus Flower Bomb shot in Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks Angie and Pharoh for sticking through and getting the video because I have been waiting for behind the scenes clips, but now I have video. Wonderful!  

Please support Wale and purchase the album! 

Also, I can't wait to see him December 3, at 20/20 Nightclub in Tallahassee, FL. I hoping he's in town before the third because I want a picture to go along with the hat he signed last year.  

To find more information about Wale Ambition Tour Dates click the link: Wale Ambition Tour Dates

To purchase tickets go to: 
Tickets for Tallahassee were $15 for regular and $30 for VIP. 

Behind the scenes video:

The "I'm Seeing Wale 12/3" Phoenix

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