Sunday, November 13, 2011

Let Go Of Your Inhibitions

People analyze their friends, it's natural. The world is made of relationships, just pure connection. Sometimes we settle with own connections until we mentally and physically become someone else. Everyone has the pit in their stomach, that instinct for change but we let fear make us settle. We seek change in  little ways and accept the new people that enter our lives. But was this person the change we craved:  No, we just accepted them because they accepted us. We need to accept ourselves, be true to our needs. Life is too short, too unpredictable to be complacent. I've realized the importance each day of doing what you feel, saying what you believe, and leaving people behind. Seek the people that make you want to live, search for passionate people. Search for people that are moving, breathing, living. Not people that let life pass because both of you will let your life pass by. Never live wondering, only live searching.  Live Your Legend by Scott Dinsmore website is inspiration for making new friends and changing your life.

The "I Am Ready To Change" Phoenix  

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