Thursday, October 6, 2011

Open Mind of Clarity

From feeling sorry for myself to fighting inner battles of eczema and wondering why I'm not where I should be, I've made it. Everything that I've dreamed about and that I've felt I deserved is finally here. No, that doesn't mean my journey to my destiny has ended; it has just began. I am honestly happy not even content. My aura is exactly where I want it to be; the stars are aligned is such a cliche but it's my time. It has been a long time since I've felt so sure of myself but I'm in love with myself, my mind, my presence. I am beautiful! I'm trying to keep myself in this state of mind and whenever I trip or stumble I must remember this moment. My moment for life! In order to stay in this light, I've realized I need a reminder. A physical reminder that this is not the end, to remind myself that this is just a pebble to throw behind me, to remind myself to not build a wall but to knock it down. Some people use faith in god as a reminder. I do belief in god but I find it hard to interpret the bible because everyones' interpretations are different. Words to each person have different meanings. Thoughts are what people are made of, we are belief systems. Beliefs influence action and when beliefs change so do actions. "The Secret"(inspirational book & movie) makes even more sense to me at this present moment. Thoughts are everything and they are the beginning of everything. I know I wrote in one of a previous post about finding myself. I was battling my new thoughts and my old thoughts which lead to confusion. I knew what I wanted and where I should be but I could not find the correct mind state. I over analyzed a situation into an abyss, pretty soon my situation didn't exist. I was blocking myself building a wall with little pebbles and looking at a new situation with an old pair of glasses. This is why you come to a new situation with an open mind. An open mind clears all assumptions, negativity, hypothesis or encountering old situations again. The brain is a computer which constantly produces answers based on past experiences and comparing them to new situations. And that's the faulty part about the complexity of the brain. Sometimes when the brain gives solutions using the comparative method it can ruin the chances of a blessing. Leave the baggage at the door even though baggage can be used as a protection against evils; it can also block the good. Everything you do must open the mind, learn in abundance and make mistakes plenty. And keep moving forward no matter what!

The "Clarified" Phoenix

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