Tuesday, February 15, 2011

J. Cole "The Chosen One"

If you know me, my new favorite rapper is J. Cole (Jermaine Lamarr Cole) from Fayetteville, NC. His metaphors remind me of a young Nas and his swag is so humble. I know this is the beginnning of his career and he has yet to release his album but I hope he's in Hip-Hop for a long time. In my book he has already made his mark because his material is something special that I have been waiting for, for a long time. When I first heard "Lights Please", I thought please you have to be from New York. His tone of voice and swagger reminded me of home. As soon as he said he's from North Carolina, I said "No!!" I'm not saying "ewwh" to southern rappers I'm saying that he gave me hope for New York rappers that were unconcerned with beef but they were just into sending a message to the masses. I could not believe he was from North Carolina until he said he graduated from St. John's with Bachelors in communications. I had an "ah hah" moment; he embaced New York with love until you can hear it in his voice. I absolutely thought he was the best thing ever and I will continue to brag about him like he's a relative. His personality makes you feel like he's one of your friends and I hope he will keep that aura about him even though fame and money equals change.
Cole just recently released the video for "In the Morning" from his 3rd mixtape "Friday Night Lights." A lot of fans are sending mixed reviews of the video. Some are excited that there's a video and others felt that it was a let down. Honestly I felt it was perfect, it captures what type of artist he is, which not a flashy one. There was no need for the typical rap video with drinks and numerous european girls that he sweats all over. It may seem harsh but that's all that's shown in a video. so why waste money with a mediocre concept and make millions tune in to watch it? I would have been upset if the video was upscale and ridiculous, making Cole look awkward. I love artists that stick true to their craft and I thank Jermaine for being Jermaine. Most importantly I thank him for being dedicated to himself!

The "Phoenix" Fan

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