Friday, September 3, 2010

Reread, Corrections, Revise,

There are many aspects of my life that I feel are loose or need to be re tied tighter. College allows you to experience varies peoples' lives in a short period of time and this is an essential part of living. When you are analyzing yourself do not belittle yourself for ignorance, everything is a learning process. If you don't use what you learn then there is a problem because you're not living.
I've learned I am a strong person but I'm not the type to ask for help constantly because i want to solve my problem on my own. But when you solve everything by yourself you can never learn another way, possibility a quicker way. "No one follows the rules and rules are made to be broken", my mother always tells me, and all the wisdom my parents hold are now coming into retrospect. Since their wisdom is now the highlight of my life this means I am truly am an adult, looking out and protecting for myself. Sometimes I may overwhelm myself with the steps of growing up because I see some many people and I feel they hold characteristics that I feel I all ready should have, basically I'm playing catching up with life.
I'm unsure of where to start and I'm feeling as though it's impossible but I know that is lie. I'm working on rebuilding and becoming a greater woman because I know where I'm suppose to be in my life, I see it clear as day, I'm so sure. I'm just looking for the path and people that guide me there. I might have to take an acting class to become someone else to block my barriers of succeeding. Everything takes a different path to get to a red light but who takes off first when the light turns green is ahead of everybody.

The "Thinker" Phoenix

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