Saturday, November 22, 2014

Macy's and Misty!

Reporter Allison Seymour discusses the artist Mali Music and being an underground artist. 
Misty Copeland introduces the next act on stage.

                                    The crowd watches the  Ballou High School Marching Band
                                  before counting down the unveiling. 

The crowd gathers around the stage waiting for the special guest, Santa Claus.

Macy's warmed Washington, DC's cold 
weather with the Holiday Window Unveiling. Families gathered around the Macy stage holding holiday balloons and dancing to the music of  Bystorm/RCA recording artist, Mali Music and contestant from season 6 of "The Voice," Ddendyl.  The hosts included FOX 5 Reporter Allison Seymour and American Ballet Theatre Soloist, Misty Copeland.  

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