Saturday, May 3, 2014

Graduation: Bachelor of Science in Journalism

College is a place like no other for a young mind. As I stood in the Al Lawson Center at 9 a.m. on Florida A&M's campus, I realized I had closed a chapter in my life. There would no more classes at 8 a.m., no more handing in assignments and praying that no one noticed you wrote that paper an hour ago. All of that support, nurturing and guidance would be a phone call away and no longer in a classroom setting. This all hit me at 9a.m. in the green gown, which was now ripping because my jewelry kept getting caught after I paid about $80.

But the ripping of the gown is not the point. The real lesson here is what do I do now after 9 a.m. The class work is over, News 20 at Five is over and the grades are in. I am done with college. I realized I had applied for jobs, but I wasn't thinking about how much I really needed a job right now. Not even, a job but a career. There's the question of where do you see yourself in five years. I realized at this moment how important those questions are and how real life is because the real world hits you fast. You have to plan. You have to know and you have to be open but assertive. So, this is a question for all of my college grads who graduated today or graduate sometime this month. Are you really ready for life, adult life or are you just excited to have a degree?


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