Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nefertari's Fuzzy Pineapple along with other designers from Florida State and Tallahassee Community College showcased their design on the run way, On Saturday April 7th Florida A&M University's architect building was filled with 150 students. There were five designers with 10 models to represent each designer. 
Modeling is no joke and I think being a dancer is easier. I arrived at the architect building at the call time but we didn't start on time and our routine was changed several times. But the end result for worth it. I had fun, dressing up and showing off. It's not something I do often so I'm happy I stuck with it through the end. Here are some photos. My make up and hair was done by myself. Apparel and jewelry is from Fuzzy Pineapple.

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The "Modeling" Phoenix

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