Monday, March 26, 2012

For Trayvon Martin

I did not know you, but I know you were scared and alone. Trying to plead for your life because a stranger felt they had the power to take you life away. You just trying to get back from 7-Eleven as it rained and you put on your hooding while holding your Ice Tea and Skittles. I made this poem for you, my brother, my son, from another mother. R.I.P. Trayvon Martin

Confusion of Reality

41 times
Now 50
What’s next now 60
Shots fired on an innocent man
But if Vick has a bloody dog in his hand
Jailtime, uproar all on the news.
Take away his career
Are we all confused??
Animals every night on the news
An innocent man is nobody’s fool
An innocent man should have animal rights too.
41 shots
Now 50
Watch out for Neighborhood watch
They tend to shoot quickly
No questions asked
They don’t even wear a badge
You look suspious with a hoodie while it’s raining
And don’t let your pants sag
Doesn’t matter if it Skittles or Ice Tea
It’s looks like a weapon to me
You pose a threat to my community
When you look threatening to me.
 I’m trying to save humility
When I shoot another thug
Got my finger on the trigger
My hands in cold blood
I don’t hear a sound
When I’m shooting n*ggas down
They always get away
But I got one that day
I got the boys in blue
Now whos protecting you?
41 shots
Now 50
Whats next now black men are going quickly?

©Precious Dorch-Robinson

The "Justice4Trayvon" Phoenix

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