Monday, August 23, 2010


So, over the summer I had revealations about my future and where I feel I should be within this point of my life. Currently I am a sophomore at FAMU in Tallahassee, FL and I have high expectations of myself and I'm looking forward to the necessary changes to achieve my goals of becoming successful in Journalism. Still on the fence about weather I would like to major in broadcast or Magazine Journalism but one thing that I''m certain about is making a difference within people's lives and encouraging them to become greater than themselves. A quest of paying it forward I guess because when I saw that movie with Jodie Foster, Kevin Spacey and Joel Osteen it really moved me. This is a very inspirating film about reaching out to help others and creating a spiritual connection between human beings, in my opinion. It feels so good to actually know that your helping other people and it feels good when people help you and it produces a general positive feeling. Not many people are able to experience that and it makes so much sense to me now how important volunteering is to your community.
Today was my first class Language Skills for Media which is an essential class within Journalism. This was bitter/sweet because I know that this now the start of my career and
I have to actually know and understand all of this material which requires immense dedication.

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